“Green AV” is our way of contributing to the ongoing pursuit of a more sustainable, cleaner environment from a technology standpoint. We realize that we have a choice when designing a system to work with manufacturers that have made a conscious decision to build products that help with sustaining our environment.

Innoface also has internal policies in place within our organization that help to reduce energy consumption. The use of low energy light bulbs are used in all of our facilities and employees are encouraged to use iPads and tablets for note taking amongst other things.

The following outlines other ways that Innoface contributes to a “Greener” environment:

green av

  • Using Energy Star Compliant Electronics
  • Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Compliancy
  • Designing Systems with Energy Saving Logic and Functionality
  • 30% Reduced Paper Usage Internally
  • Using Automated Lights with Timers Internally
  • Using Automated Shades to Control Room Temperature
  • Company Goal for  100% Hybrid/Green Company Vehicle Fleet- 2014